Friday, October 23, 2015

Tips Healing Eyes Minus

This now minus many eye disorders experienced by everyone either children or adults. Minus the eye itself occurs because it is caused by several factors. Among habit often read with sleeping positions and often in front of a computer with a long time. Usually the symptoms that accompany minus eye is an eye sore, watery and course difficulty seeing objects at long range. However you do not need to worry because this berkut we will explain about how to cure minus eye that you can know. Curious to know how? Immediately, note the following review!

Here Tips Healing Eyes

Doing Therapy Candle
This therapy menag fairly powerful to overcome eye problems minus. Apaka you know therapy candles? Candle therapy is very easy to do do enough with candlelight and gaze at the candle without blinking. Until the eyes of many tears. Do this up to 4 times a week to get maximum results.

Doing Gymnastics Eyes
In addition to therapy candles, you can also do eye exercises to help you minus eye disorders. The way to do eye movements to the right and to the left for 10 seconds. In addition And Ajuga can perform a circular motion of the eyeball 360 degrees clockwise.

Well that's the way that can help you minus your eye problems.

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