Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tamarind benefits for Body Health

Who does not know the tamarind? Mungn almost everyone already knew. Although it has a sweet and sour taste, tamarind but also has properties that are very good for maintaining a healthy body. apart from being used as a spice in cooking, tamarind is also often used as an ingredient for traditional medicine. Certainly curious about the what benefit? For more details, here are the benefits of tamarind to health.

Maintain nerve function

The first is to maintain nerve function. The content of vitamin B complex in tamarind is very useful to restore muscle function, improve nerve function and can help you to keep it active. Vitamin B complex that plays an active role in this function is thiamine.

Maintain a healthy heart

It is common knowledge if the health of the heart it should be kept and cared for. Because the heart works to pump blood around the body. besides exercising you can maintain their health by eating tamarind regularly. Antioxidant content has a major role in counteracting free radicals cause dangerous diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Boost the immune system

Strong immunity can help the body to avoid all kinds of diseases. content of vitamin C in tamarind able to boost the immune system and prevent infected with viruses or bacteria.

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