Monday, October 19, 2015

Prone profession molester

According to some people, the cause of cheating is the time, the circumstances, availability, and opportunities. According to research there are some professions that are prone to cheating. Here's his review.

1. The financial industry. Research conducted by Dr. Alduan Tartt states that a man who have high positions more likely for cheating. It is seen from three factors, namely high income, well-traveled, and often interact denganorang interesting.

2. Master. According to the presentation of the study, most teachers are women often cheating. Although the number of women and men in this profession balanced.

3. Doctor. Studies prove kebanykan doctor who is a male affair. Male doctors usually have an important role in the media industry who have to keep ego.

4. Police. This profession has a reputation in the affair. This is because the police have the power positions, working with the shift that was not necessarily hour. In some countries there is also a hobby wania police seductive married. They are called "bunnies budge".

5. Lawyers. Many anecdotes indicate if the lawyer is a liar. In reality very astute lawyer manipulate honesty in accordance with the narrative that suits them.

6. Sister. In the United States there are 3.5 million people who work as nurses. Denagn long hours and constantly deal with the sick, make the nun stress. They often seek refuge in an affair.

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