Saturday, October 24, 2015

Differences in Heart Disease and Pulmonary Embolism

Both diseases have similar symptoms that is equally experienced pain in the chest. That is why most of them tend to be able to distinguish heart disease and pulmonary embolism. According to Dr. Cosphiadi Irawan originating emergency division of Hematology-Medical Oncology Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine-RSCM. Saying that both diseases have differences. Where Pulmonary embolism is a disease that occurs because there is a blockage of blood vessels in the lungs.

The symptoms that accompany the occurrence of blockage in the lungs are shortness of breath, chest pain, pounding heartbeat and chest pain. As for the symptoms that accompany heart disease is chest pain that pierced the chest until you feel the rear. At the same time the heart would have increased the enzyme. For pulmonary embolism occurs because the lungs are having problems when releasing C02 and take oxygen becomes clogged.

According to the chairman of the set Thrombosis Hemostasis Indonesia (PTHI) Prof. Dr. dr. Lidow Karmel Tambunan SpPD, K-HOM, saying that pulmonary embolism was also accompanied by blood stone. Both of these diseases is a very dangerous disease, which result in lethal if not handled quickly. Now that's an explanation of the differences danger of heart disease and pulmonary embolism that you can know. Hopefully with time this explanation can add to knowledge is for all of us.

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